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About the TEGG service

Utilising the latest Ultrasonic and Thermo graphic equipment, Tegg provides a unique energised testing regime that cannot be copied or duplicated.

TEGG Service is a series of proven testing technologies delivered through an advanced preventative and energised maintenance program, complete with a unique asset management system and web based reporting tools.

TEGG was founded in 1992 with its core business protecting commercial and industrial facilities from electrical system failures, electrical fires, resultant business interruptions and property damage through the implementation of comprehensive electrical preventative maintenance functions.

The results are guaranteed.

  • If a TEGG contractor certifies that an electrical component is in proper working order and it fails, that component will be replaced free of charge.
  • TEGG implements preventative maintenance programs through an international network of over 220 premier electrical contractors.
  • TEGG service has been operating in the UK since 2006 with Metropolitan Electrical providing TEGG services in the UK and mainland Europe.
  • TEGG Service - the testing regime that see's what you cant see, hears what you cant hear & touches what you cant touch!
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