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Safety Driven Live Electrical Testing

Live test mission critical electrical infrastructure

Electrical Downtime?

Can your business afford it?

Utilising the latest Ultrasonic and Thermo graphic equipment, Tegg provides a unique energised electrical testing regime that cannot be copied or duplicated.


Some of the worlds biggest companies rely on TEGG

TEGG Service

How TEGG works

Tegg Service is performed energized, by using world leading electrical testing technologies and systems to provide an accurate energised assessment.


TEGG Service is a series of proven electrical testing technologies delivered through an advanced preventative and energised maintenance program.


See how TEGG has helped other companies minimise downtime in maintaining uptime critical power environments.

Case Studies

Termination Temperatures

During a routine TEGG survey of a Low Voltage electrical panel that supplied mechanical and chiller plant at a colocation ......

Cable Sequence Issue

During the first of three annual TEGG visits it was noted that the identification of the incoming and outgoing cables ......

Transformer Survey

As part of our ongoing annual surveys at a customers data centre and following some issues with partial discharge on ......

Switch Panel Survey

During an annual survey of the switch rooms at the cement processing plant a very slight temperature increase was seen ......

Distribution Busbar

During the third of three annual visits to survey the critical UPS-backed equipment on site we detected an ultrasonic emission ......

Hospital Busbar

Following the failure of the roof plant room tapoff connection on one of two distribution busbars we were asked to ......

UPS Load-bank testing

During load-bank testing on newly installed UPS system batteries defective cells and poorly connected links were highlighted using the thermal ......

LV switch panels

Support bolts within the common busbar section of an LV panel were becoming warm. Temperatures were not high but load ......

Chilled Beam Issue

It was suspected that the Chilled Beam cooling system built into the ceiling panels was not working at full efficiency ......