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Why use TEGG services?

TEGG is the world leading provider in Energised Electrical Maintenance, using the most advanced equipment on the market to view, diagnose and predict weaknesses in building electrical infrastructures.

By Carrying out TEGG maintenance programs you will;

  • Prevent electrical & IT systems failures
  • Prevent business outages
  • Prevent electrical fires
  • Prevent early failure of equipment
  • Reduce utility costs.
  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment.

Still not sure if TEGG is for you??

TEGG brings many equally measurable benefits across a business.

How many times have you said to yourself..

"Testing my electrical distribution system is a real pain! I cant afford to shut down production, the IT team won't let us near the servers and I need to get something in place after my last inspection!"

Testing without shutdown.

TEGG clients don't lose production time, or need to register countless limitations. The electrical distribution system is tested under load in real time, we uncover much more useful and informative information than the more common testing routes.

Free Asset Register

TEGG clients receive as standard, an AIG approved software based asset register of their distribution system, right down to component level. This also conforms to ISO 9001/2000. This fulfils all requirements for QA, Insurance Inspections and Fire Safety order 2005.

No more compliance Headaches.

TEGG clients welcome their next inspection, safe in the knowledge that they have software to clearly show that they are not only complying to legislation, but they also have a fixed price, planned maintenance program in place.

FREE Evaluation

We are currently offering a free preliminary system evaluation!

One of our TEGG service division will call you to arrange a 30 minute meeting to show the whole TEGG service system, so that you can see how everything works in detail and how it solves all the testing problems you face today. At the very least this will give you a FREE up to date record of all of your electrical assets! So what are you waiting for?