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Ultrasonic analysis is another unique technology used for carrying out electrical inspections.
Arcing, tracking and destructive corona all produce emissions outside of our normal hearing range.

Using an Ultraprobe, we can translate these emissions into a more audible range – allowing us to hear any distinctive signatures. To help diagnose these patterns, we can interpret and trend the data using ultrasonic spectralyser software.

Ultrasonic inspections can be carried out non-intrusively, too. They’re not load dependent, which makes it an ideal solution for not only maintaining electrical infrastructure, but also minimising downtime.

A good example of what equipment an Ultraprobe is used to inspect is a busbar joint. These, commonly, tend to not have a maintenance regime in place due to having very limited shutdown opportunities.

However, using ultrasonic inspections alongside core technologies such as thermal imaging, TEGG can provide accurate electrical data and help easily identify any anomalies on electrical systems.

Ultrasound probe